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Cwmaman Theatre Company






Cwmaman Theatre  Company. ( The Group )



The company is

a non profit making amateur theatre group,

producing and supporting all aspects of Theatre.


It is managed by an honorary committee elected by the members.

The company undertakes to support Cwmaman Theatre,

at Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute, a registered charity, to which it is affiliated


Through it’s own in house productions and visiting entertainment groups.

The income and property of the company, however derived, shall be applied solely to the objectives stated above, or other charitable purposes,

at the discretion of the committee.






Cwmaman Theatre,

Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute

Alice Place, Cwmaman, Aberdare. R.C.T


Constitution Amendments

This constitution may be amended by resolution at any general meeting in accordance with

Meeting guide lines below.

The Committee and Officers

The Committee is responsible for the day to day activities of the Group.

The Committee shall comprise of a


Chairman, Treasurer, Artistic Directors and a Secretary

Who shall be known as the Executive Committee.

This Executive Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting

 and the positions are up for re-election each year.

Committee positions shall be elected by majority vote during the Annual General Meeting.

Those wishing to stand for a Committee position or apply to be re-elected.

Must notify the Secretary no later than seven days prior to the A.G.M.


Additional roles included in the company on a non executive level

Will be known as the

Production Committee Core Group are,


Front of House Manager, Ticket Secretary, Costumes and Props coordinator, 

Publicity and promotions coordinator,

 Stage Manager, Sound Tec, Lighting Tec,

Set construction and Theatre maintenance coordinator


The above production core group will be elected by majority vote at the A.G.M.

resignation of an officer or an additional role must be reported to the Members

a replacement shall be elected at an Extraordinary General Meeting ( E.G.M.)

Which must be held within thirty days of the resignation.


On a election of a new committee, the retiring Chairman is required to remain on the committee for one year, and the retiring treasurer is required to undertake a six month handover, to safeguard the intentions, integrity and smooth running of the society.


The committee shall provide representation at joint societies meetings and on any other committee of the Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute, as appropriate.


The Executive committee has discretion to appoint sub- committees as required.  




Cwmaman Theatre Company



Admission to the company is open to any person over 18 years of age

who agrees to abide by the

constitution, completed an application form

and upon payment of the appropriate

membership subscription.


Junior membership (i.e. below 18 years of age) may be granted to an applicant

who has completed an application form and must have written permission by the applicants Parent / Guardian and upon payment of the appropriate subscription


Any person involved in a production must become a member of the company and agree to contribute financially as set out below.


A new member shall be provided with a copy of the constitution and be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of the company.


Every member of the company must also be a member of the

Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute.


Membership should be regarded as a privilege, not a right, and the committee reserves the right to refuse membership.  Membership may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the committee, on a case-by-case basis.


Or on the grounds of misconduct or bringing the Society into disrepute.



The annual membership subscription shall become due on 1st of February each year.

The level of subscription shall be proposed by the committee for approval at the

AnnualGeneralMeeting ( A.G.M.)

For those joining after 1st July, membership subscription for the remaining part of the year shall be determined on a pro rata basis.

Production Costs

A budget shall be drawn up by the director and the treasurer,

and approved by the


Executive committee.


The production must not proceed if the projected production costs are greater

than the funds held by the company, without recourse to the membership.

Or if a production is deemed to be impractical, immoral,

or would bring the company into disrepute.

Unless special dispensation is Granted by the Executive committee

Scripts, scores, etc. shall be purchased (or hired)

by each actor in a particular production for their own use.

Payment shall be made promptly to the treasurer or nominee on demand.

The financial circumstances of a particular production

may require a contribution from participants to cover rehearsal costs,

or any other items at the discretion of the committee.

in the form of a weekly subscription charge.



Cwmaman Theatre Company




An annual general meeting of company members

shall be held not later than 31st January each year.

There must be a minimum of seven members in order for this A.G.M. to proceed.

The business of the meeting shall be:




1.To approve minutes of the previous AGM

2.To receive and endorse the chairmans report of events and activities since the previous AGM

3.To approve the treasurers report and the accounts

4.To elect the committee

5.To consider and decide upon any amendments to this constitution or formal resolutions                            submitted,as set out bellow.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may al

so be called at any time by the Committee,

or by a requisition of a majority of the members of the company in writing to the secretary stating the purpose for which the meeting is required.


At least 21 days notice of the date, time and venue of any general meeting

shall be given in writing to each member.  This will be sent by the secretary, by post or e-mail, to the home or e-mail address as shown in the companys records,

together with any formal resolution(s) already submitted.

Also, for the AGM,

members will receive a list of committee posts to be filled,

the proposed membership subscription,

and any formal constitutional amendments.


Any other amendment or resolution,

should be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to the meeting to the secretary,

who shall ensure that the text is available to all attending the meeting.

All amendments and resolutions must be discussed and formally voted on at that meeting.


Voting at general meetings shall be by show of hands

(or otherwise as the chairman shall direct)

or in the case of contested elections for committee membership,

which shall be by a secret

ballot of those present.

Only fully paid-up members shall be entitled to vote.


Members unable to attend the meeting can vote on any agenda item by proxy.

Proxy votes can be accepted, in writing, by the chairman of the meeting, or cast on the absent member

s behalf by a designated member of the company, provided that the proxy has been registered with the secretary in advance of the meeting.

The Company secretary will take notes during the meetings,

which will documented and filed under the company records, and made available for any member who requires information on a meeting agenda point




Cwmaman Theatre Company


Production Meetings in House productions


Forthcoming shows, and their attached directors,

will be established in  Production Planning Meetings

That will take place at the following intervals

January to plan shows for July to December the same year.

July to plan shows for January to June the next year.


Production meetings should be attended by all members

Executive meetings

Will be held every three months


The Company Secretary will notify all members of the time and place and business of any meetings, no later than fourteen days prior to the commencement of the meeting.


Production Meetings For visiting companies productions

A core group of representatives from Cwmaman Theatre Company

Should hold a meeting with any visiting artists or Company wishing to use the Theatre

Six weeks prior to their get in date.


This will ensure we can facilitate the requirements for the said booking artists or company.


This is part of our support role in managing the Theatre business,

on behalf of Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute.

Finance Accounts and Insurence

The committee shall be empowered to administer such monies

that are held by the company.


The treasurer shall be responsible for the day-to-day finances, and shall maintain a current account on behalf of the company with a mandate of two of the three authorised signatories (chairman, secretary and treasurer).

Any further accounts shall be set up only following approval by the committee.

The treasurer is responsible for producing:

· At every committee meeting a summary of the financial position of the group;

· At the AGM, a profit and loss account for the financial year, together with a summary account of any productions within the same period.


A specific policy of insurance shall be kept in force annually for the benefit of members while participating in the companys activities, at CwmamanInstitute.

This will be part of your Institute membership

Dissolution of the Company


In the event that Cwmaman Theatre Company shall need to be dissolved, the Committee shall distribute the assets of the Group, after the payment of all liabilities and expenses, to such societies that the committee deems eligible.


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