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Chairman's Report for 2013

Our first full year of trading as a new Theatre company
 has been quite a challenge,
 After our meeting in January 2013,
we formed as the Cwmaman Theatre Company.
 After previously being known as Cwmaman Theatre Group.
The main reason for this name change was, 
we now had a bigger role to fullfill,
 which not only saw us producing our own productions,
 but also running the Theatre 
 and dealing with visiting companies, and artists.
This included the setting up of an online ticket box office facility,
via the Ticket source company from Penarth.
 Which now enables us to have a professional accounting system,
 for not only our own shows, but also visiting companies.
 This facility enables us to have all monetary issues finalise with 10 days,
 of any production held,where in the past,
it could take up to 6 weeks to obtain payment from clients. 
Plus the added advantage of online credit card sales.
 As well as giving our customers the facility to book the exact seats they require.

One of our biggest challenges has been bringing back the audiences.
 Which,over the last 10 years have dwindled away from live theatre.
Our plan at the beginning of the Year, was to try and deliver at least 1 show a month,
So keeping a continuity of events,
 in order to maintain and build a loyal supporting audience base.
We can celebrate the fact that we achieved this,
 with a show each month, and in some months 3 shows. 
With a total of 19 shows for the full year.
The audiences have been slowly returning,
 and feed back has been very rewarding as to the shows provided for them. 
 building on our Audiences is still something we need to actively work on in 2014. 
Another very successful item we delivered this year had been our new web site.
Which is total self run by us, and has been a great way to advertise and our business. 
With over 15,000 visitors to our site in the first 9 months of its existence. 
We can also be proud of the calibre and variety of the shows this year,
which has enabled us,
To achieve a business income of £16048.47 this year. Before expenditures.
The money was then used to buy new Equipment for the Theatre, 
in the form of LED and U.V Stage lighting,
(which will also reduce our future electrical running costs )
Microphones, Stands, Leads, Star cloth, Glitter curtains, Smoke and Haze machines.
As well as donating the remainder to the Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute.
( Please see our 2013 accounts for the full break down of this income and expenditure )
We also carried out repainting and cleaning of the Foyer and auditorium areas.
Durring the Summer months, Thanks to all our volenteers, in achiving this.
As our Company is a non profit making company,
all revenue after expenditure has been donated
To the Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute as per our Constitution.
I would like to thank all the members of Cwmaman Theatre Company,
 for all the hard work they have put in,
to ensure the Cwmaman Theatre Company, first full year of trade,
has been a very successful one.
And a Big thank you to all our visting companies for putting on some great shows.
and of course not forgetting, our audiances, for with out them,
we would not be able to raise the funds to keep our amazing Theatre open.
I hope that the ground work we have laid down this past year,
 has set us up for an even more successful, Year in 2014.

Gary J Neal
Chairman / Managing Director
Cwmaman Theatre Company

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